Our Mission

At Peace Haven our mission is to provide encouragement and support to pastors & missionaries. Pre-crisis, we give pastors a place to connect and refresh. Post-crisis, we help pastors reengage in ministry. In the midst of crisis we come along side pastors with encouragement and counsel. Galatians 6:10 has been our mantra...  "Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers."

Our Story

In 1996, after serving as senior pastor of Camano Chapel for 28 years, Bill Wayland found himself burnt-out and discouraged. He looked for a place where he and his wife Gayle could go for counseling and help. Bill found a ministry called "Fairhaven" in the eastern part of Tennessee. While they were there God gave Bill the vision for Peacehaven - a place where pastors could come for encouragement, counseling and rest. 

The following year, Bill resigned from Camano Chapel to pursue their dream. They divided their 5 acre property, built a home on the back half of the property for pastors to stay, and the ministry of Peace Haven was launched. The dream started out small, but over the years it grew as God brought along others to help. Steve Altabef, a wonderful Christian counselor, has come along side many pastors at Peace Haven to help them work through their struggles. In 2001 Jack and Norma Canady began to help with the ministry. Jack, a pastor to pastors and the director of Village Missions for many years, began reaching out and encouraging pastors by phone and through conferences. In 2006 a second house was build that was much larger and better for families.

In 2010 Bill’s wife Gayle passed away, leaving him alone to take care of the houses and scheduling. Thankfully his children, grandchildren and people from the church helped out. In 2011 God brought a wonderful friend of 40 years into his life. Marilyn’s husband had passed away ten years earlier. Bill and Marilyn fell in love and they were married in August of 2011. Marilyn loves the ministry of Peace Haven and enjoys working in the flowerbeds and visiting with pastors and wives. Together they care for the property and spend time encouraging pastors and wives that God brings to them. 

In 2012 Steve and Joy Booth joined the team as Peace Haven added a second location at Pomme De Terre Lake in the Midwest. Jack and Norma now minister primarily at the Midwest location along with Steve and Joy while Bill and Marilyn minister primarily at the Camano Island location along with Steve Altabef.


Grace, like water, flows to the lowest part.
— Phillip Yancey

Peace Haven is one of the ministries we enthusiastically support at Camano Chapel. The reason is because we have seen the value of pastors receiving rest, counseling and time for reflection. We have also witnessed Bill and Marilyn’s great love for pastors, especially those in need. Through this ministry, physically and emotionally drained pastors have returned to their churches with a renewed vision and commitment to God.
— Kris Kramer, Senior Pastor at Camano Chapel

What Has God Done?

  • Over 200 pastors and missionaries have been ministered to by Peace Haven.
  • We have expanded our facilities from one home to three homes, allowing us to serve more people at the same time.
  • We have expanded our locations from one location to two locations, making us more accessible to a larger group of people.
  • We have increased our services to include conferences and retreats, giving us more ways to minister to pastors.
  • We have increased our team from two people to seven people, allowing us to expand our circle of influence. 
  • We have grown our support base, which has allowed us to expand our services and locations.
  • We finally created this website, giving us increased visibility!
  • What we are most excited about is that God has used the ministry of Peace Haven in a powerful way to restore His servants. You can read their stories here.