"Peace Haven is such a beautiful oasis to renew ourselves physically and spiritually. The beauty of God’s creations outside really fed our souls. What a treat it was to sit in a rocking chair on the porch or the swing in the gazebo, surrounded by gorgeous flowers, impeccable landscaping and tree stump carvings. It was evident from all the personal touches throughout the house and property that this wonderful place has been furnished and maintained with a great deal of love and pride.

We want to thank you so much for all of the help and encouragement that you have given to us over the years. God has used you to help us walk down many roads…your wisdom has brought comfort during “unsettled times” and your prayerful discernment has given us that sense of direction when our minds felt “blurred”. Having a ministry like Peace Haven who stands alongside a pastor and family is most certainly a gift from God. We know He gave you a passion for this. We have been so blessed."

"We want to say thank you…a huge thank you…for the ministry of Rest Haven!  It has been a wonderful rest leave and we have received blessings beyond measure. God is faithful and we feel renewed and ready to return to the field. Thank you for your listening ears and encouragement."

"We want to thank you so much for allowing us to be here at Peace Haven. It has ministered deeply to our spirit, soul and body. After my husband’s mother went to be with Jesus last month we were reeling with the confusion, exhaustion and hurts from siblings. How this lovely place just brought the peace we needed at just the right time. Thank you for your love and hospitality to us. Your ministry here is reaching out to many. We will never forget this."

"Your loving, caring ministry of encouragement has ministered to us greatly. Peace Haven is aptly named, as we enjoyed our time of rest immensely. Thank you for being so open to the needs of pastors and their families."

"Someone recently asked me to think of the safest place in the world. I searched through the three dozen countries I have traveled to and the four different countries I’ve lived in—and I thought of Peace Haven. This was my third time at Peace Haven. The first time I came here it was the first place I could sleep, grieve, and just “be” in months. The second time I came I felt real joy bursting from deep within—the first time in months since my life fell apart overnight.  This third time I was here for a whole month, making Peace Haven a real home for me. Now I’m leaving with a sense that I have gained the strength to go forward and a new hope and vision for life. I’m so thankful for this place where I could totally be honest with God and myself. Thank you for those unplanned chats-your presence and your words always ministered to me. Thanks to everyone who makes this place so beautiful and hospitable."

"As we reflect on our time with you last week, we are grateful for many things: for your hospitality, your generosity, your compassion and empathy, for being willing to share out of a painful time in your lives, for the encouragement we received to keep looking forward, to not be defined by what happened and what "is" at this present moment, to trust in God's provision, but at the same time to be pro-active and thinking outside the box in doing our part...  Thank you again, and to anyone else who may have had a part in your ministry to wounded pastors. We look forward to your follow-up. Blessings!"

"What a wonderful time we had at the Visionary Leadership Retreat. Your lake house was the perfect setting for our time together! You both created such a warm and relaxing atmosphere….we felt as if we were ‘home!’ 

Listening to the struggles each couple shared challenged us to take a deeper look at our own ministry. The format you used to lead the discussions created an atmosphere of sharing within the group settings and encouraged us to search our own hearts as a couple. 

We were so thankful for the one on one session with both of you and the chance to discuss our vision for future ministry. I for one do not want to simply go through the motions of playing church. As a missionary pastor and pastor’s wife we want to live real and meaningful lives and encourage our church family to do the same. Thank you for helping us clarify these thoughts. 

Between your leadership and the cottage by the lake, we were certainly refreshed and renewed in our commitment to serve. Thank you so much for leading us through this weekend….we were truly blessed!"

"We had a wonderfulrelaxing, refreshing time. Thank you! Thank you for the opportunity to be at home in your haven…very peaceful and refreshing. We appreciated our time here very much. To be a Barnabas is a special thing. We treasure you all as an amazing blessing from our God!

We arrived weary and in need of rest. Peace Haven quickly became home and we were blessed. We praise God for all the hospitality, love and encouragement we received from you and Camano Chapel. What a great time for our family~ Thanks for all your kindness."