Pastor Bill and Marilyn Wayland

In 1996 Bill and Gayle dreamed of a place where pastors and wives could come for encouragement, counseling and rest.  After serving at Camano Chapel for 28 years and 36 years with Village Missions, Bill left his church to pursue their dream.  They divided their property and the first house was built.  Bill has gone through two burn-outs so he understands firsthand the pain and stress that comes with ministry.  In 2010, Gayle passed away very suddenly.

In 2011 Bill and Marilyn were married.  It is a wonderful miracle of God’s grace that brought them together.  Marilyn and her husband Gordy were good friends with Bill and Gayle for 37 years.  Her husband Gordy had passed away 10 years earlier.  Bill and Marilyn fell in love not only with each other but with ministering together for the Lord.  They love sharing with ministering families, putting on conferences for pastors and wives and cleaning and caring for Peace Haven. 

Bill and Marilyn have together 7 children and 23 grandchildren and they love to spend time with all of them.  They also enjoy road trips together.  Since they have been married they have traveled to 31 states and hope to see all 50 together.


Read Jack's Articles

Read Jack's Articles

Pastor Jack and Norma Canady

Jack and Norma served with Village Missions for 42 years.  First, as a missionary pastor, they reached people for Christ in the small, often forgotten towns of North America.  Second, as District Representatives, they traveled the eastern states and Canada to encourage and guide Village Missionaries and their families, to start new churches, and to recruit new missionaries. Finally as Director of Village Missions, Jack succeeded its founder, the Reverend Duff, to lead the Mission to the next generation of ministry.

In 2000 Jack and Norma joined PEACE HAVEN MINISTRIES as a way to continue to encourage pastors who are going through deep waters.  A consummate story teller, Jack uses that gift as he writes messages to encourage and challenge God’s Chosen Leaders as they serve the King of kings. Those articles are published regularly by e-mail. You can subscribe to his periodicals by sending an e-mail to Pastor Michael Ullrich (mike@circutriter.com) asking him to sign you up. You can also read some of Jack's articles here.

Jack and Norma have four grown children: three sons and one daughter. All walk with God. Two sons are in the ministry. Two grandchildren are in full time ministry with Village Missions.

Sample Steve's Music

Sample Steve's Music

Steve and Joy Booth

Steve and Joy served as Pastor of Student Ministries for 15 years with churches in Maryland, Virginia and Kansas. They understand both the tremendous blessings of pastoral ministry as well as the unique challenges pastors face. Steve and Joy have also worked together in the corporate environment at a Kansas City advertising agency. Steve served as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Culture Officer while Joy served as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Coach. Currently they help support the small group ministry at Grace Church as Directors of Coaching. Steve is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is currently on staff with Resonate Relationship Clinic in Overland Park, KS. Steve and Joy have three sons and four grandchildren. Their families often converge together at the lake where many memories have been made. In his spare time, Steve enjoys songwriting. You can sample some of his music here.


Steve Altabef

Steve Altabef is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington.  He brings a unique set of skills and gifts to his work at Summit counseling. Besides his work as a private practitioner (since 1996), Steve has 6 years of clinical experience in a large community mental health center as a counselor and as a supervisor.

He has a great deal of experience with a variety of types of clients, as well as experience with groups, leading workshops, and teaching. He has done numerous presentations in a wide variety of settings, including churches, family camps, and community groups. Steve has a special ability to work with Pastors who are struggling in their ministry. Steve’s compassion, sense of humor, intuition, and high degree of integrity, combine in a way that allows him to help each client reach their God-given potential.