Dear Leaders Chosen Of God,

Our daughter Joy stood behind an older woman at the doctor's office.  The lady was quite short and had braces on both arms.  She was having trouble handing the receptionist the papers that had just been filled out.  In obvious irritation at the delay she heard the words, "Would you PLEASE hand me your forms?"

Joy's head was pounding with pain.  She was burning up with fever.  Polyps had invaded every area of her sinuses. Perhaps they were eating their way through to her brain. Immediate surgery was urgent; so much so that she had hand carried the x-rays to that office.  She realized this could be a life and death struggle.  At the moment she was privately troubled with the thought, “Will I make it through this surgery?” It was vital that she see the surgeon soon, that day if possible. 

Of course the receptionist knew nothing of this and, evidently could care less, because when she requested to see the doctor, the lady behind the desk smugly smiled and replied, "That will not be happening for you today."  Trying to explain Joy said, " I think this is urgent. They called ahead...”  Abruptly interrupting her she shot back, "YOU’RE NOT GETTING IT.  There is no doctor here.  They are out of town."

"Then,” Joy replied.  “I need you to hand me a piece of paper so I can leave the doctor a note.  I believe he will care a lot more about what is in these x-rays than what you evidently feel right now.  I saw the way you treated the older woman in front of me, and I am experiencing the way you are treating me.  Perhaps you have picked the wrong career.  People who come into this office are sick and they need to be treated with kindness.  It seems you have lost sight of that."

When the note was finished the receptionist reached out to take it.  Joy said, "No thank you.  I would like the other lady to take it.  I think she will do better getting it to the doctor for me".  With that the receptionist turned and walked to the back of the office.  Joy got as far as the bench outside the office and burst into tears. 

She did not have weeks to get in touch with the surgeon.  The operation needed to take place soon, within the week if possible.  But every time she called the doctor’s office she got the same lady on the phone.  Her plea was stopped cold.  Joy was getting desperate.

Then it came to her mind to call another office.  As soon as that receptionist heard her voice she replied, “You sound like you are not feeling well.  What can I do for you?”  Joy recognized compassion in her voice.  Once again she explained her need.  As the lady wrote her name Joy heard excitement in the background.

Another lady exclaimed, “I know who that is!  I worked with her six years ago.  Let me talk with her.” 

“Joy, I can’t believe you called.  I received your report on the fax today.  Go get the x-rays.  Come now.  I will get you in this afternoon.”  Within a few hours Joy had seen the doctor.  The important surgery took place in time.  Serious damage has taken place but she is slowly healing as I write.  God has made it possible for Norma and I to be with her and the family to help.

I have some questions to put in front of you about this situation and what took place.  I don’t plan to answer them at this time.  I want you to ponder them; think them through in light of what you know about the Bible and God. 

Would you have responded the way Joy did if you were in that situation?  Would you have thought what she thought and not said anything?  Was she right in what she did?  Was that a godly thing to do or did her temper get the best of her?  Should she have just let it pass?

Think it over. 


In His Love,

Pastor Jack